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Haven World Acquisition

By Iontank - MEMBER - August 28, 2018, 03:00:05

I am the leader of a newly formed guild with 80 members, over half of which have played in the past few days. We have been wanting to get a Haven World for a while, but it seems that none are available to bid on. I have browsed various posts on how to acquire one,  but have not learned much of anything as a result of years of outdated information. The most recent Haven world action I have seen was of July 19 2017, over a year out of date. I have found various Haven worlds around the map with no owners and I would appreciate it if some of them were listed or put on auction. If opening one to auction is simple, I would really appreciate it if some were opened to help give me and my guild mates the satisfaction of leveling and developing alongside our haven world.

If any devs do read this, I thank you for your time,


And if no Dev or GM's do read this, if anyone knows a way of getting in contact with one of them it would be much appreciated

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I didn't find too sad 

Btw the location is on bilbiza and calamar that's all i know but they are not empty ....


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