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Looking for a Guild for Newbies

By CastorxPollux - MEMBER - July 03, 2018, 05:55:43

Hey! As you can probably tell, I'm a total noob! Yay... *sarcastic cheer* <_<
(Hence the fact that this is my very first forum post.)
I'm looking for a guild that will accept me for the newbie that I am and help me learn the bare minerals of Wakfu. Because, to be honest, I barely know any of it.
My nation is Sufokia, but I'm perfectly fine with a multi-nationality guild; in fact, I would prefer a guild that is made up of multiple nations- it would probably be a learning experience for noob Me. 
I am an Eliatrope at level 21 in the Nox server (obviously), and female; my IGN is Delta-Erri. (Yeesh; That name has gotten me in a lot of trouble with Delta-Prime blink.)
Please let me know if your guild fits this description, and I would be more than happy to join! 

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