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K-pop Guild??

By serendipityTae - MEMBER - May 08, 2018, 09:50:14
It is in the idea process but, I would love to find or create a Kpop based guild.
If you know of any please say so, I'd love to join.
If there isn't one, I am not at a very high level I admit but, I hope to start from the ground up, to work with other fans of kpop in general.
No fanwars just simply fans of an amazing music genre.

Please comment if you'd like to join
And thank you for reading ^^
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K-Pop fan here. Not sure K-Pop will be a strong-enough value to hold members of a guild together in the long run.

All Wakfu players already share an interest...Wakfu.

Might be more effective to have a guild centered around something relevant in-game, such as PvP, or power leveling, or dungeoning, or being level 200. 
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I'm not very interested in all that stuff to be perfectly honest, and I'm not looking for a huge guild. 
I would like that sense of community and simply I would prefer k-pop fans being it shall be common ground.
K-pop fans being together, for the fun  of it.
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