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Become a Pirate! Join Corsair!

By Natscha - MEMBER - April 29, 2018, 21:53:12

Players new and old, are you looking for a guild centered around doing things together?

Corsair is a new guild open to anyone who wants to be part of a community. We try to be as inclusive as possible, and go out of our way to fill our group with individuals before filling the group with heroes. We have a few basic rules, but generally if you are someone interested in making friends and having fun, Corsair is likely the guild for you.

There is no level requirement to join Corsair. The nation we align with for PvP is Amakna, but if you don’t want to participate in PvP anything is fine. 

If you’re interested, add Rogalion#1307 on discord, or PM Loka, Jim Morrison, or Vasotha on Wakfu and we can send you an invite.

Either way, pirates are cool. So become a pirate: join Corsair!

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boy howdy! can't wait to see your guild grow!

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