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Nevermind :)

By Xectycia - MEMBER - April 12, 2018, 06:25:54
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This is a Discord that the community uses to chat amongst ourselves. You should join it as it's predominately Nox.

As for guilds, you said you're Sufokian so I'd get into a Sufokian guild if I were you, the game is very nation heavy now. The strongest nation is Bonta, and if you go there you will level up faster, so I would recommend finding a nice Bonta Guild. Corsair is currently recruiting, so you should find them.

Have a good one.
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Thank You for the useful insight! smile) I've heard about Discord but I guess now is a good time to give it a try!

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Hello Xectycia,

Sufokation is currently accepting new members. We are mainly Sufokian but we accept citizens from other nations. We offer full guild and haven world bonuses. If interested, please contact any of the players listed below ingame:

Rasael Kunn
Dragon King Koroune
Zetrox The Damned
Rich Chigga


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I have been interested in joining this guild but I was unsure whether it was still active or not because the only recent person I've seen from Sufokation was Dragon KIng Kurone on Discord, But I'm thankful for the invitation but the thing is... that I kind of forgot how to contact someone in game since I haven't really used the chat box for quite some time...huh

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