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Inglorious guild level 10 + Haven world is recruiting ! IMPORTANT HIDDEN MESSAGE PLZ READ !

By blackchoclate - MEMBER - February 08, 2018, 20:12:32
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                  Hello dear readers!  Inglorious is looking for new Riktus members!!
 (we also accept player from other nations) 
Here  are some Things you should know about Inglorious  before you decide to join! :
First of all like ''most''  of the guilds out there , we are a friendly group of players in search of cool people to be with  and enjoy the game.  The guild was made 4 years ago by me (Genesis ).  We always had the same goal from day one until now : 1) no drama 2) help each other 3) respect  each others

Inglorious is a  ''little'' family  and it is important  for us to be healthy  from both side : the inside and  the outside ! it benefit not only us but everyone around of us !

To apply P.L.Z write your in game name in this forum or pm me Genessis 

You don't choose to be a riktus ! You are a riktus !  most of the players  out there  are hiding,  waiting for the right  moment  to show there true colors! and i am proud  to be  apart of  the Riktus clan !
I am  here today to wake up that  tiny part of  riktus left inside of you because i know that  deep deep down you were made to be one of us! 
It is time for me to repay my depth to the riktus clan by helping it grow to it's former glory !
            I have a dream and even if it seam impossible ! i will never give up!
For The Glory Of Riktus !
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