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The House Of Bats is recruiting

By Lalawell - MEMBER - December 17, 2017, 04:31:52
Hello our guild is on server Nox and it is called  The House Of Bats  we are still a newish guild and trying to grow larger with more active members. (we have plenty of alt charas and players that come on rarely)

Our guild so far is neutral and i think we plan to keep it that way. 
We do not as of yet own a haven world either.
I completely understand if this guild doesnt appeal to some of you, but we accept all nations and try to help our new players the best we can.

My Chara name Is Celeina and i am one of the Guild leads. (im currently in command)
(Our guild decided we wanted a three lead system)
Another would be Grimm
And last but not least would be Rei (whos on haitus atm)

We do have a few rules about getting along with guild members and stuff.
(ill try to solve any issues first before things get serious)

We are trying to provide guides for any newbies on our guild discord.
(And possibly a guide for old players when we have found new things about our big world of wakfu and its secrets)

We are willing to accept both new players and old players alike.

IF Possible would like to get some crafters in the guild as well.

Almost any guild member of The House Of Bats  can add you to the guild if you just ask^^.

We are also currently Level 5 and working towards the 10% bonus for guild points earned.
(we are halfway there!)

i will proceed to update guild status when i feel is nessasary.^^
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Hi there! I'm an old player (2012) starting fresh with a new account! I'm a casual player, who doesn't necessarily play every day, and I'm currently level 49. My main is a sacrier named Valenciia. I do pvm and crafting a lot, and haven't gotten into pvp ever, but maybe someday. I'd love to join a guild where my guild points actually contribute to a growing guild and aren't just sitting around. So I hope to see you all in game! 
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Hello! I'm a new player. biggrin I'd be interested in joining the guild.
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