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Craftsmen Inc. MAKE MONEY!

By -Synapse - MEMBER - June 17, 2016, 04:16:07

First off, check yo gobb and the guild you claim. Craftsmen, when we raid we come equipped with game! You claim to be a playa but I rekt yo team! We bust on Borg boys niggas left for life! Plus Duty always with me, weak hearts I rip! Nurdy lawls and newbie epitaph some mark cryin snitches. We keep on running while we craftin endgame tools, steady gunnin keep on bustin at them fools you know the rules!


I aint got no magmogg-lovin friends, that's why I recruit yo kids you fat tired sucker.


Join Craftsmen. MAKE MONEY!

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Hmm, for those that like Craftfing, PvP and Marketing, talk to the owner of this thread.
She is Mistress Synapse.

For those that are more mellow Crafters and PvE, can contact any of us, namely Brellain (Guild Leader), Glitz (Founding Member), Synapse, Rhayam and Dark Stratos. wink

-Dark Stratos, the codex scribe

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We are a Level 10 guild with a full set a bonuses and fully upgraded haven world.
If you wish to join.
Leave your in game name, level, why you want to join, and what your time you are active
This post is checked daily and we will get back you at by 6 pm pst.

In game name: Glitz
Level: 180
why I want to join:Why not
time active: 2 pm-5 cst

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IGN: Foreveryours
Level: 172
Why I want to join: I want to join a guild that I can do dungeons, pvp, and have a lot of fun together with.
time active: 12pm-12am est

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In game name: Darius-Lichwood
Level: 102
why I want to join: it sound fun guild
time active: randomly

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In game name: Ojsimso
Level: 56
why I want to join: To trade and work for kamas
time active: anywhere from 10am-4pm

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