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Guild Inglorious lvl 10 +HW recruting ! player level 90+

By Neo-Genessis - MEMBER - February 01, 2016, 03:39:06

Hello dear player! Inglorious is re-opening there door too new members
First of all this post wont have any picture ! you will need to trust what you read!
Thou shalt trust without seeing if not you may take the door!

what is inglorious:

Inglorious is life,peace and love and we don't like drama!


All drama/problem player shall be ban from the guild at the speed-of light if We
think that you are a danger to our guild goal : peace, love and no drama
so we ask for you, future guildie to be mature in the inside!

Why should you join us!:

We are a friendly,fun, and a cool guild, most of us are end-game player so we also have a deep knowdlege of the game

-Guild level 10 we have all the bonus
-Haven world (Guild hall level 3) ( kit skill +3 soon)
-HW made specially for profession (farmer- lumberjack - fisher -herbalist )
-we help each other for gear-mats- xp - etc
-Active guild since 2014
How to joins us!:
To join the guild you can pm : Genessis, Revofev , Dedicated, The prophecy, Sor,Trunks,
or ankama box me


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