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SilkRoad Shinobi Guild(Recruiting)

By MelodMelody-Sora December 20, 2015, 12:07:54
SilkRoad Shinobi

The SilkRoad Shinobi Is a new Guild. We are looking for Guild members. The Guild is open to every level and nation;However, we are based in Bonta. The Guilds main goal is to be a Resource trading, crafting guild with a network of mercenaries. Because it is a new guild you have the chance to join me in building it from ground up,making decision and growing the Guild.If interested let me know in the post.
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I would like to join you in building this guild. I'm pretty new to the game but it is really fun so far and I really would like to have some friends to play with along the way to endgame.
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 (Nevermind) Hi, I would like to join your guild. I have a Cra lv.30 named Inriel. Can I join?
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