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Nomads Harvest [Lvl. 4][Sufokian]

By twinbre - MEMBER - November 06, 2015, 06:33:25

"As our guild grows so will our story. We may be young, but we are strong."

Greetings! My name is Ediru, and I am the Guild Leader for Nomads Harvest. Our focus is skill building,
harvesting, crafting, but most importantly to get together and have fun. Whether it’s taking on a dungeon or
leveling a profession, we all try our best to help one another. We may be small,
but we are mighty!

All nations are accepted. We may be a Sufokian guild, but we don't discriminate. If you have any questions on
whether or not this is the right guild for you, message me here or ingame.

Current Progress

Haven Bag

Though we do not have a Haven World, we do have a guild Haven Bag for Guildie's to hang out and relax, and even do a little bit of harvesting!

Current Haven Bag Goals:
x4 Sufo Benches
x5 Sufo Stools
More Garden Gems for second bag
And Decor!

Long Term Haven Bag Goals:
4 Craft Gems
Secondary HB For Possible Seed Bank
Third HB for lvl 100 Harvesters
Possible Fourth HB for selling purely on the Market for guild profit

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