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Phantom Code: Recruiting Active members

By RadSlash September 12, 2015, 08:41:17

Oy there, you lovely people!

Let me introduce myself: I am The-Grudge, new leader of Phantom Code. I am desperate in keeping our guild as alive as it used to be in the past with our previous leader, Wetrew, who is taking a break to focus more on school, and so, it is on my behalf and on my lead to make Phantom Code a nice and social guild for everyone to enjoy.

Here in Phantom Code, you'll be meeting the elites, the lvl 100+ members, who would be extremely glad to help those of you who are underleveled, "noob" (even if you are not), new to the game and... well just someone who wants some partners in battle.
Phantom Code's ambiance is quite special. There's (currently) Mistion, a silly kitty (Ecaflip) who often talks in trivia, there's Ace Spada, another silly kitty who remains mostly silent, but when she talks with us, it's for the good of everyone. Xorus, our Robot Wizard who just have the words "I must help" in mind. And then there is me, The-Grudge, expect to see a lot of bad puns every message I throw to keep a funny and laughable experience.

There is plenty of empty space to fill, and it saddens us everytime we watch the roster. Would you like to be part of this guild? Send a PM in-game at me, The-Grudge, I am often online, and ask about joining in.

We also have a forum! Why not go take a sneak peek and sign up free as you join, we are presently trying to use it more often, because it looks quite deserted at the moment.
Our forums link will be riiiiiiiight HERE!

Hope to see ya online wink

Guild Leader (or Booty Phantom as the rank says)


We are still open for active members until Sunday September 27th. My connection periods is around 1 PM server time everyday, and starting around 10 AM server time on Wednesdays.

Make a decision quick, because joining us is not a bad decision at all wink

Guild Leader

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