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Sufokian guild Sand and Sun [level 108+] [welcomes all nations]

By HealingHotness - MEMBER - August 22, 2015, 05:10:46

The Sufokia-aligned guild Sand and Sun, which is open to characters of all nations, is recruiting any level 142+ characters (which means if your character is not 142+ they cannot be added, except my characters which are there so they can send invites) to join our brand spanking new, and relaxed, guild.

A few quick guild rules:

1) no abusive or hateful speech in guild chat or towards people no matter their guild or nation

2) cursing is not prohibited in guild chat. if you don't like it then oh well too bad so sad sorry

3) you must be willing to run any dungeon with a minimum level 142+ (as long as you meet the level requirement) (just don't be one of those people who expects the whole guild to run you through the dungeon you want and never help anyone with their s**t)

4) you must make a one-time donation of 5kk to me to be put into the guild chest which you will receive back with 100% insterest (10kk so a 5kk profit) upon gaining 500 guild points (this is to incentivize you not to leave the guild almost as soon as you join)

Please contact Kerellya or The Black Rabbit in-game

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