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Dead Because I Killed It (Recruiting - Amakna)

By Green-Stripe - MEMBER - August 12, 2015, 00:37:53
Dead Because I Killed It

Who we’re looking for:
Anyone of any level that doesn’t have a shady background who are independent, and can follow the guilds policies.
Such us our stand on PvP:
  • If you have your wings up, don’t be surprised if you are ganked. (applies to the person you’re gonna pull as well.)
  • If you’re hunting for kills, it's usually best to ask the person you’re about to jump if it's ok to PvP, you don’t have to ask all the time just bear in mind that if you don’t ask, you shouldn’t be surprised if you pull a random guy and 5 other people join.
  • Eco-terrorists get PK'd regardless. They had it coming, and nothing can excuse their actions. This also applies to us if we eco-terrorize another nation, meaning that it's fair game.
  • Have a sense of sportsmanship! It would be nice to be known as “Oh that guy killed me, he’s pretty strong and cool," instead of “Oh that's the fucker who killed me and laughed at my grave.” Stay classy.

How do I climb the rankings?
We have a fluid ranking system that takes into account both GP (Guild Points) and trust, as opposed to brown-nosing or a fixed reward system. We strongly feel that people should work for their rank by helping the guild as a whole - getting along with and aiding the other members, and helping contribute to the guild.

Who we are:
We’re just a bunch of laid back high level players that just want to enjoy the game. We have all the bonuses that a level 10 guild would have and almost all the Haven World buildings. We generally like helping each other but understand everyone has their own thing going on, so if you’re someone who demands to be power leveled all the time and can’t do anything outside the guild you probably won’t last long here.

(The Haven World is located directly below the Dark Hurl Dungeon @ Calamar Island)
If you’re interested in joining us you can post here or PM one of the people here.

// Xolomon // Xolenn // Gogo Washington // Television // Maddi // Sweetie // Piphany // Niet //
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(Jan. 10th, 2016)

Our haven world is pretty swanky! Just sayin~
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Bump, we're still recruiting

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Hey I'd really like to join your guild, I'm willing to help and follow the guild's policy, I'd be honored to be a sufokian member of Dead Because I Killed It.
Ty for reply, IGN Skyzo.

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Bumpbump still recruiting

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Hello, I'm a Sufokian whose original guild ended up dissolving, and I'd kindly accept your recruitment offer and agree to your policies if you would like to have me among your ranks. I'm currently only at level fifty-something, but I value being polite and respectful to other players and will do my best to contribute what I can to the guild.

My in-game name is Miramorrow.

Thank you for your time and wish you all well. Let me know if you'd be favorably inclined to me joining your crew. smile 

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Hello! I'm new to wakfu. I can learn this game fast. I'm an experience player in Dofus with 16 level 200s. I'm hoping to join, if someone could contact me.

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Are you still recruiting? i have a team of 3 player lvl 93.

My in game name is Maple-sac

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Yes, we are still recruiting smile
Contact Xolomon, Curius, Gogo Washington, Space Program, Television, or Piphany in game - one of us can send you invites if you're still interested ^^

(My bad for forgetting to check this thread ;; Guild secretary has gotta step up her game!)

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Any level player you say? I am pretty new to the game, but I'd love to have some friendos that'd help me get to know the game

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Serunar|2018-08-12 13:34:13
Any level player you say? I am pretty new to the game, but I'd love to have some friendos that'd help me get to know the game

Same goes for me if you're still recruiting. Did /whois on a couple people that weren't on for you guys at time of posting.
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