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Reaper'S Smile Recruitment Page! Level 10 Guild, New player friendly!

By CrazySwordMonkey - MEMBER - August 05, 2015, 23:07:53
Heyo! I'm CrazySwordMonkey from Reaper'S Smile, and I would like to invite you to join our guild! Despite our name we are actually very friendly and will accept people at any level from any nationsmile

What is Reaper'S Smile?

We are a level 10 relaxed and easy going guild that loves to help people out. Want to run dungeons? Ultimate Bosses? In love with crafting? New to the game and have lots of questions? No problem, we'll love to help you out!wink

Why should I join?

There are tons of reasons you should join our guild! When you join you gain access to our guild chat, a place where you can be yourself and say all the weird things you want with no shame! (Just try not to go too overboard - no racial slurs or degrading insults/comments) You also get all our guild bonuses, can use our key and seed banks, and can enter our growing Haven World!biggrin

Haven World

Our Haven world is located in Gnashville, east of the zaap.

Inside you will find the market square,

Farmer crops, Herbalist plants, and Lumberjack trees (remember to replant!)

We even have mob pens with the new Moon Island mobs- Kokos and Kanniballs!

Haven World Buildings:


Level 3 Guild Hall
(houses guild vault, allows the building of buildings)
Marketplace (sell your items without paying the tax! connects to Kelba Market)
Rotcere Mine ( +10 prospecting - more item drops!)
Rotworks (buildings take less resource points to build)
Zaap (allows for fast travel in Haven World)
Level 2 Laboratory (Better plant rate inside Haven World)
Phoenix (can link yourself to phoenix and respawn in Haven World when you die)
Stasiliser (lets us make BOMBAS!)
5 straw houses (each house unlocks a 5 slot chest in guild vault)

Guild Vault

Chest #1

Chest # 2

Chest #3

Chest #4

(UB drops, unwanted gear and more are in the house chests)

Guild Bonuses:

+15% Damage in all elements
+20 resist in all elements
+45 HP
+15 Lock
+15 Dodge
+10 initiative
+10% Crafting xp
+10 Wisdom (more xp!)
+20 prospecting (more item drops!)
+10% to all guild point earnings
Reduce learning time of guild bonuses by 10%
+1,500 to the max limit of guild points guild can earn in a week
All available guild costumes (4 of them)
4 guild chests
Guild Standard emote
Allows 2 bonuses to be learned at once


PM CrazySwordMonkey (me), Muffina, Pacem, Khronokiel, or Gamzreborn in game to join or spam them with questions. tongue
You can also ankamabox me or post here and I will try to add you as soon as I can.

JOIN NOW! cool

Here's a picture of a monkey in case you're STILL not sure if you want to join or not.biggrin

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Hey everyone! Join us in Reaper'S Smile!
Not only do we have a Crazy Sword Monkey we have many other terrific guild members of all levels!
Do not hesitate join us!
OH, and did I mention we're the best!? Join!

Join e_e
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Huge update! Now level 10, have a growing Haven World and still looking for new and active members! Join us!cool 

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I'd love to join if you're still recruiting! though I'm not really "good" or anything of the sort e ___ e

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