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~♥ Cure Cafe ♥~ (Lvl 6)(Updated 8/18/15)

By LadyLuckLuna August 03, 2015, 03:49:14

Hello everyone! Cure Cafe is a guild that is dedicated to having fun and bonding like a family! We are a guild that consider's us more like a family then a guild really. The family members here are very nice and we all love to talk and level together etc. This family is here to have fun on Wakfu and be kawaii~

What we have to offer:

-Guild Bonuses-
HP +10
5% Earth Damage
5% Fire Damage
Lock +5
Dodge +5
Guild Chest Slot 1 and 2 days for slot 2

-Nice Family Atmosphere
-Pressure Free
-No Drama
-Facebook Group
-Any Nation can Join

Right now we are a level 5 guild so we don't have much bonus's right now but we are trying to get as many bonuses as we can to help our fellow members :3! We have the guild chest now and it is filled with keys you may take to help you on your Wakfu adventure!

What we mean by Pressure Free is that we will not crack on down on you for not being super active. We are here to have fun and enjoy the game together =)! We also wont make you do any guild quests and wont kick you for being inactive. Sometimes life comes up and we understand that. So at Cure Cafe you will not feel pressured into anything ^^!

We also love to help each other level and do dungeons! And we just love to talk! Sometimes though it might be quiet at later times in the night like around 10 or 11 pm PST. We are hoping to recruit more members that are night owls so whenever you log on you can find someone to talk to.

Interested or have questions?

Whisper any of the following members to join or ask questions :3!

You can also ask any questions here as well :3!

8/8/15 -
We have guild chest and we are now level 5 :3! Also we got another bonus added.
8/10/15- Changed our banner :3! Credit To Niapolitan our beloved Guild Leader.
8/18/15- We have our own website now! We have 3 new Vice Leaders. We have our own Guild heaven bag! And we are having our first event soon! Information about that will be posted to our website. We also are now lvl 6 biggrin! Updated bonuses also and we now have 94 family members
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If you are just looking to socialize, do a few dungeons, p-level or to get p-leveled than this guild is for you. I am a part of this guild and I am blown away by how friendly and helpful everyone is. If you've got a friendly demeanor and decent attitude we would love to have you! -A Cure Cafe Member

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Alright just updated our guild ;D! Thank you all who are apart of this guild and make it so special

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