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Sincerely Recruitment [Lvl.10 w/ Haven world]

By meta1425 - MEMBER - July 26, 2015, 04:39:08
Sincerely Recruitment - Level 10 with Haven World
Each member plays the game at their own pace, be it slow and steady, or fast and furious! Sincerely yours, Sincerely.

1. Introduction

Sincerely has been around since beta and is entering a stage of revival. Our goal with this post is to bring in a new crowd of active users to form a community. We are already a level 10 guild with many perks and a haven world. If you have any questions you can message us in game with the names below, or reply to this post.

2. Recruiting

We are looking for any active users. Any Nation or Levels are welcome, but the for PVP purposes the guild is Bontarian.

3. Perks

Guild Bonuses
  • +15 Lock
  • +15 Dodge
  • +5 Wisdom
  • +35 HP
  • +15 Air Resist
  • +15 Water Resist
  • +15 Earth Resist
  • +15 Fire Resist
  • +1 Kit Skill
  • +10 Initiative
  • +15% Fire Damage
  • +15% Earth Damage
  • +15% Air Damage
  • +15% Water Damage
  • +10% Crafting XP
  • +5 Prospecting
  • Guild Standard Emote
  • 3 Guild Costumes
  • Croum Guild Pet

Our Haven World is located in Bonta on the Pancake Bridge.
It currently has 11 constructions.

4. Contacts
  • Rider
  • Wink
  • Sophitia
  • Meta Shadow, Bye Felicia,
  • Maximum-Summon, Maxi-Gamble
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