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[Sufokia] [Haven World] Wagnaria Recruitment Thread

By Pyronamic101 - MEMBER - June 14, 2015, 22:12:14


is a Level 9 Sufokian guild that prides itself on being welcoming, helpful, and a great place to find new friends. We're often in governmental positions, running dungeons, crafting, or helping out with the ecosystem. We mostly focus on PvE, but PvP is also encouraged if you're into that.

Seeing as a lot of players are starting to join up for the summer, we're looking for some recruits to boost our ranks.

Aside from friendly advice and company in the grind-fest that is Wakfu, we also offer some great guild bonuses.

+25 HP
+1 Kit Skill
+10 Prospecting
+10 Wisdom
+10 Initiative
+10 Lock
+10 Dodge
+15 Water Resist
+15 Fire Resist
+15 Air Resist
+15 Earth Resist
+10 Water Damage
+10 Fire Damage
+10 Air Damage
+10 Water Damage
+10% Crafting Experience

On top of those guild bonuses, we also offer bread for levelling, as well as Osamodas Powder, KenKO, inventory bags, and are more than happy to help out with purchasing equipment as you level up. These are all accessible once you reach the general member rank.

Most of us realize that what may seem like a very small contribution to upper level players makes a world of difference to newbies, so we're all more than happy to help out!

We do weekly runs through the Ultimate Bosses on the weekends, so even if you don't want to sign up but get in on a regular UB Group, leave a reply here or PM me in-game/

Champion (Guildmaster)
Primero (Nomination Only)
Segundo (2000 GP)
Tercero (1000 GP)
Cuarto (500 GP)
Quinto (100 GP)
Recruit (0 GP)

For every 100 GP you earn for the guild, I will pay 5000 kamas. This is usually great for lower level who would like to start saving up for equips or such.

We also pay for contributions to our Haven World! Starting rate of 1 kama per 2 RP, with increasing rates with bulk orders.

Additionally, for every 1000 GP you earn, I'll buy you a costume or pet. This is limited to what I have on hand, as well as what's reasonably priced if available on market.

Fun-loving, active guild that does a bit of everything. We provide all the resources you need to have a great time in this game. We also pay you in kamas for helping out!

PM IsaacEnning, Linalie, Soul the Wanderer, Nyselle or Anonymouse in-game
Send an Ankabox message to IsaacEnning
Leave a reply here and I'll get back to you

We look forward to having some fun with you guys!

Guildmaster: Wagnaria

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Just giving the thread a quick bump!

We DO in fact have a Haven World, and we got it in the most recent auction. Things are coming along nicely, with all the essential level 1 buildings already completed!

We have the planting-rate-boosting building, and we've got pens for leveling. These pens are replenished regularly, so level grinders are welcome to join up!

There's also designated areas for leveling lumberjack, farming and herbalist, with more to come in the future. Next steps for us involve unlocking Guild Hall level 2, and then working on Haven World Marketboard and other goodies.
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It's been a month, so a bump is in order!

Since the last post, here are some things that we've finished

- Finished off all the resist bonuses
- Completed Level 2 Guild Hall
- Reached Level 10 as a guild
- Completed Lab Level 2 (so 75% plant chance!)
- Started construction of the tax-free Haven World Marketpace

If you're looking to join an active, friendly guild, give Wagnaria some consideration smile
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Hi, Is there a certain level or prefered level you would like a player to be?

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currious if guild still active?

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