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Knights of Ni

By Xavier-Jenon - MEMBER - May 24, 2015, 19:56:54
Guild was taken due to inactivity.

I hope that whoever has it actually uses it.
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As the co-leader I should pop in here and talk about the guilds current goals.

- We are currently looking to expand the guild roster as well as keep older players active in the guild and our little community.

- We want to encourage everyone to party together and help each other for everyone's benefit.

- We will be actively upgrading the haven world to bring it up to date with the highest tier buildings to accelerate professions growth speed, as well as get the higher tier guild bonus's we are currently lacking.

- Weekly planned guild nights for a myriad of things such as helping lower levels or top level dungeon runs.

- To hold organized events to benefit new players as our roster expands.
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