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Empire - [Riktus] [Lv.9] [HW] - Friendly PvP/PvE Focused Guild

By FishDraw - MEMBER - May 23, 2015, 04:49:39
Empire (formerly known as Piracy) is a PvP and PvE focused guild on Nox server. We are a progression-oriented guild, striving to better ourselves in both PvP and PvE. We enjoy both social and serious aspects of the game, whether we are growing stronger together or building new strategies to dispatch our foes, we try to blend the two into a friendly, competitive, and cooperative group experience.

We have a long history on Nox, as some of the most tenacious PvP'ers and the most highly ranked in the Riktus leader boards. We also at times lead the Riktus Government!

To become a full-fledged member and ascend the ranks of the guild, new recruits may consider:
  • Keep a Proactive Membership - Actively Participate in PVE (Dungeons/Leveling) and/or PvP
  • Communication - Teamspeak (Guild Channel), or Skype

Empire has members spanning multiple time-zones, activity may vary. Generally, we are most active in the afternoons until late in the morning (weekends exempt).

Eastern 8:00pm - 5:00am (GMT - 5:00)
Pacific 5:00pm - 2:00am (GMT - 8:00)


Guild Point Based Ranks
  • Recruit (0 - 500)
  • Scout (500 - 1,500)
  • Squire (1,500 - 3,000)
  • Knight (3,000 - 5,000)
  • Imperial (5,000 - 7,500)
  • Commander (7,500 - 10,000)
  • Leader (10,000 - 12,500)
  • Hero (12,500 - 15,000)
  • Champion (15,000 - 17,500)
  • Legend (17,500 - 20,000)
Admin Ranks
  • Disciple (Admin)
  • God (Guild Master)


Currently we have all the bonuses up to level 9 besides costumes and one-use perks.


Haven World Remodel!
Went with a very cool beach theme for the south.
Plenty of forest, farms, and trapper pens to level professions too!
Ponds and mines are horribly inefficient uses of space, removed.
Added a couple houses and a house upgrade.

If you are interested in joining, either:
Whisper: Xujin (Guild Leader), Rensuto (Raid Leader), or Pleione (Community Manager)
Or, leave your IGN below and we will likely contact you soon.

We currently have a guild channel on the Unofficial International Wakfu Teamspeak
Server IP:
Password JerryDB
Once added, ask in guild chat for channel password.
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I'd definitely be interested in joining. Played Wakfu a long time ago and just coming back to it now. Did play Dofus as well.

IGN: Poutinepep - 3X Sacrier

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Hey, i was hoping to join you guild. in game name is Horolonaut - lvl 44 Xelor. im in a pretty dead lvl 8 guild at the moment and am hoping for a more active guild with members i can actually play with/ mutually benefit from also helping others. would like to see more group PVE/PVP

thanks for your time

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Hey forums, come sow and reap our fields! Become a peasant today!
Also a minor update: The Lvl.2 Lab is complete, so the planting rate is now 75%.

Pleione here, presenting my wares... at the new market board!
You'll never have to be PK'd in Kelba ever again! (I know, I'm a victim too...)

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This guild has some cool people in it. I highly recommend other players to join :3

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Hello potential guild members, Pleione here. We've been making more improvements to the Haven World, as you can see. More pictures to come!

Completed Projects: 2 Houses, Seed Catapult, and Contrabandit's Lair.
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If you want a invite send me a whisper or hit me up in Ankama box. I'm almost always on so I'll be able to get you in to our family! I'll most likely be on my Masq Xujin. Hope to see you in-game soon!



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Looking to join, 

IGN: Kojiro'Sdance

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Would you guys accept newbies? I'm looking to join a friendly guild to help me grow and learn in Wakfu. I just started playing last week while I already love the world there's still a lot I don't understand in the game. True newbie here!

I hope to hear from you!

IGN: Maxton-Roy

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