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[Sufokia] The Storm Syndicate!

By unseenvision - MEMBER - November 02, 2014, 22:11:59
The Storm Syndicate!
We are a Sufokia based guild, Although we accept members from all nations Heading our way to victory and success! Come join us and help our community grow strong!

What We Are Heading For!
  • Greatness beyond all measures!
  • Do dungeons, and Uber Bosses
  • Help each other level and explore all areas of content
  • Give advice to help better our strengths!!
  • Build an amazing strong and active community
  • Look cool
  • Be cool
Every Guild needs rules!
  1. No taking racist, or sexual comments to far
  2. Do not insult or bully other members we are all equal here
  3. Do not cause unnecessary trouble with other players in the game
  4. Be nice to everyone even if they aren't in the guild
  5. Only PvP if Riktus or Enemy nation do not pk someone from your own nation

How to join
  • Who to message "in game": Unseenvision,Crulix,Lazy By Nature, Vigori
  • If you want to join by replying by forum leave your IGN, Nation, and level and I will get back to you as soon as I can
  • There is no specific level,age, or nation requirement so feel free to ask to join!! everyone is welcome! ^^

Enjoy your stay here at The Storm Syndicate!!
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I'm lookin' for a guild to join.

IGN: Jahvar

Nation: Sufokia

Level: 110

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Jahver! You can feel free to join! Whenever you get online next time on Wakfu just message Unseenvision,Touia,Zoos,Lazy By Nature, Crulix, or if you see any other of our members around sufokia!

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Unseen lol way to add my name to the list >.>.
I am kidding smile

Yes feel free to message me in game for a invite.

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I know the guild is pretty much dead, but if you do still read the forums or get on, how about bumping up ranks for some active players so we can keep the guild functional, with at least the ability to upgrade, recruit, and other stuff.

Give a shout, my guild character is Eol sunder.

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I am citizen of Sufokia. In Remington server.. Want to join a guild as well.. Currently lvl 36.. new here.. IGN is TiQvaH. biggrin

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TiQvaH|2015-08-19 00:39:04
I am citizen of Sufokia. In Remington server.. Want to join a guild as well.. Currently lvl 36.. new here.. IGN is TiQvaH. biggrin

This is a Nox server guild. You should check the Remington section of the forum.
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Is this guild still active?

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