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Looking for Amakna Guild

By Blankman01 February 19, 2014, 08:29:47

As the title says, I'm looking to join a guild that's mostly situated in Amakna. At the moment I haven't gotten to explore all the nations and collect the various Zaap's and Dragoturkey's except for in Amakna. Just out of pure convenience, was wondering if there was a guild set up in the nation that's looking for a member to join up. At the moment I'm a level 32 Air/Water Sram, so if you're ever interested just PM Arifel or reply here and I'll try to get back to you.

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Alot of Nation Only guilds have departed because of the decrease in the Servers Size and now accept any nation =( good luck finding one tho!=3

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It is hard to find a single nation guild these days. But if you're looking for an active guild that has a lot of amaknians then I'd suggest you check out the guild thread for Ashen Lepus.

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As above, most guilds are multi-nation.
I would ask you to join my guild but recently we invited a large number of Brakmarians who are real life friends.
If I were to recommend a large Amaknian guild I would suggest checking out Asylum or Rarehunters. I trust them because they have a large number of friendly people that I talk to and seem very loyal to each other (with playful insults).

Good Luck!
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Asylum Members to note: Zithia, Nali's Wrath, Sigiop/Sigheal
RareHunters to note: Kahlua, Granny Smith, Reville

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Nation only guilds...pretty much dont exist. However some are still primarily one nation...Rarehunters -Amakna, ShuShu - Sufokia, Lovelace - Brakmar, are good examples...but really all guilds take all nations, these days. My guild takes all nations as well, due to this were kinda everywhere, your more than welcome to join, but were not primairly any nation. But good luck on your search, you might want to try the Outpost ingame to find a guild theres usually ppl there all the time.

Elated-Timepeace, Illusions of Granduer

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