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(recruitment) Forever Ends

By Molten-Squid February 08, 2014, 20:30:00
So Apparently Im leader of a guild now haha so i would like to recruit more people to it!

Forever Ends gonna try and rebuild it and get more Talkitive Active people to join! so yeah gonna do dungeons and hunts alot of xp and hanging out with each other! :p and other stuff lol so if you wanna join let me know if you wanna join a chill guild wink

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Score : 63
Nice guild id say yeh but there not active atm as in Rebuilding Haha
Score : 86
Nice 31 members now lol Still accepting More =D
Score : 2350
recommend joining , always willing to help
Score : 560
This guild is super nice and helpful =3 and always willing to do stuff
Score : 14
Bump biggrin 
Score : 86
Nice 33 members now! =) Recruiting more people!
Score : 238
Heya! just came back after taking a break. im a lvl 72 rogue and want to join! who do i contact?
Score : 86
You can contact me Night-Hunter or Natures-Voodoo Or Eternal-Summoner or one of our other members Crocell!
Score : 560
Nice 36 members now =D
Score : 77
39 members now
Score : 560
Nice job for getting 41 members now =3!

looking for more people! we have 44 people now .-.
Score : 86
Mmmmmm nice level 5 xD
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