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Looking for a master.

By DarkNoticalX - MEMBER (+) - January 01, 2014, 05:14:57
As the title states, I am looking for someone I can call master. (Not pure roleplay) More the less I want someone I can trust in the game. Someone I can dedicate my efforts to. Playing with a guild feels so lackluster. I want someone I can be a friend to and rely on.

Anyways - I have plenty of other characters, but I am focusing on this one atm. I am on a pretty good bit. Rocking the survivor costume. The character I am focusing on is a level 50 sacrier named Kojiro.

If you are interested in gaining someone who will follow you no matter what, add me.
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I always require minions, as I can not be in enough places at once to kill all the citizens of the World of Twelve, at the same time. You may call me as you will, so long as you follow my orders, and devote yourself to chaos.
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Hi young one i am master Glitz of cramens inc enu and hero of down trodden and the taker of there K. I an offer you my years of wisdom and knowledge. supplicants are welcome. i am hard worker in the game and if you can keep up i will take you on.
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Hi there Kojiro.

Masters are a double-edged sword, some are good some are bad, while some will profit from you, and others will make you a better soldier. The only person I can suggest is Glitz, he is on most of the time. He can hone your craft/profession skill, and guide you to be a Craftsmen. Should the role suit you, maybe your choice to join them as Guild at a future time would change. In the end the choice is left to you.

I was once a Craftsmen, and the skills I learned from Glitz made me want to perfect my Crafting and Professions. I am sure if it suits your style you will be a good student.

I would be your master, but sadly I am only an Eni with shadows. May the fortune of the Enutrof be with you.

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i find crafting hard useless and somewhat impossible to level for me , (for me) idk how other people easily gain the mats took me 2 weeks to get baker or even leather dealer to lvl 20
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You need to make plan to lv any craft. You make the things will need later on. like dye make at lv 0 that you can use at lv 10 that way you get most xp at the least cost of time. It comes down to self discipline you have to work for it. Set small goals that are easy to meet.
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