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Beaters (Recruiting)

By jspano December 17, 2013, 13:42:08
Still looking for players, any level welcome, will do my best for power-leveling when I'm on.

Working on guild bonuses, currently at 15 hp, 5 lock, 5 dodge, 5 fire damage, 5 earth damage, 5 all resists, 5 ini, 5 pp: going to be starting damages as soon as we rack up points.

tl:dr (in advance) PM Bulwark, Marion, Reggiddlog, Squirt, Shrug or Kabraxis for an invite.

I'm Bulwark, guild leader for Beaters. We were a pretty decently known guild back in the day, though we went under different names and moved around, but most of the guild has disintegrated. I'm looking to revive the guild, since it's level 8, and we have a haven world(located at Brak Outpost) with quite a few kamas sunk into it.

Looking for any levels, any people, just as drama free as possible. I've had my fill of having to babysit people who don't know how to control their primal instincts of PKing because "someone said something I don't like." If you like crafting, you'll fit in well, since crafting is my favorite thing to do. Also looking for people who like to run dungeons, and farm for just drops in general.

I work 24 hour shifts every other day, and I'm in Japan, so time zone is a bit off off from everyone else who normally plays, but if I'm on shoot me a PM with any questions you have, and I'll respond the best that I can.

Very Respectfully,
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we have a haven world(located at Brak Outpost)

Nice location! smile

Also, good luck with recruiting. I'm on Remi, so of little use to you.
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Updated, still recruiting.

Fixed top post, still recruiting. Working on ultimate boss teams.
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Beta cheaters are the worst! YOU HAVE AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE >: (

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Are you guys still recruiting? If you are, is there room for a level 4x earth/water tank feca?
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Heartbank|2014-03-06 02:12:47
Are you guys still recruiting? If you are, is there room for a level 4x earth/water tank feca?
Hi Heartbank! Still open. I'll look for you online--or you can contact Bulwark, Marion, Reggiddlog, Squirt, Kabraxis or Shrug for an invite anytime.
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I'm in Japan as well, and have had a really hard time finding any active players/guilds to play with due to the time difference (I probably should have started on Remington, but didn't realize at the time).

Do you guys have many players active during peak Japan times (weekday evenings, weekend days)? If even just a few, I'd be really interested. I tried joining a guild that seemed like a good group of people, but there's literally nobody on 90% of the time I can get on.

Character is Pimostol, 31 fire sac, Brakmar

Looking forward to hear from you..
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Hey now! I just started this game, and it looks awesome. Ive got a lvl 25 Feca, that Ive no idea how to play. But Im having a blast! I would love to join up with yall and hang out. I went Brak, so that works out. Im also an experienced RPG player, and have pretty high play times. Ima try to holler at you in game, if I dont catch you tonight, try to hit me up on Bigiss in game. Awww yeah!

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Haha I was almost shocked to see this thread at the top. It's a bit old from March and I don't know if Bulwark even plays anymore.
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