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Lvl 26 SRAM looking for guild

By Czerem - MEMBER - July 30, 2013, 19:10:39

Not too new to wakfu played before and had fun but decided to begin to play again after doing more research and learning to enjoy all aspects of the game it just sucks doing it all on your own I'm pretty active but more active at night I'm from Massachusettes USA invade wondering my time zone but anybody help! Thanks hopefully hear a reply soon!smile

pm me also in game
ign: Stinger

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Hi, I'm Skai from the Guild Illuminati.

I hope you'll consider my guild as your new home.
We're willing to level up new members and give you a role in higher level dungeons and UBs.

I'll try to contact you in game but it seems like you're not online at this time.

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Rawr hai there,

You should come to Macabre :3
We have members that are on during the night and day so you wont find yourself alone. Plus members of all levels to play with. Message me in game or anka box me.

Spectacule, Cowinkidink, Skootor

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