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By azalyn March 19, 2013, 18:23:54
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Negative review here, Lovelace is fine and all but unless you're in their inner circle don't expect to get any help with dungeons, pvp, pve or anything; or even have your opinion regarded. I was a member for a while and despite my efforts to make friends and contacts and become PART of the guild- I only found that they would ignore me and go off to do other things, dungeons, or help other people/their own alts.

Then again, there in lies a huge problem with Lovelace; as with most major guilds at least 3 characters on at a given time... are the inner circle. They are mostly alts; at least the ones I see active. Anyway, not trying to diss the whole guild; but I had a bad experience with my time there, and felt I could have been developing friendships elsewhere.
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Your name looks familiar, who are you again? O....o
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Hello Kamarihi (Kalindaar) ..

First off, there is no 'inner circle'. It's completely the opposite. We've had new members become fairly well-known and part of our family within merely a week or two. If you felt neglected, you were either the victim of some strange series of coincidences, or you are simply reading into it way too much and seeing patterns and conspiracies where there are none.

Whenever I run a dungeon, I am always perfectly fine with inviting anyone who wants to come, and it's always first come, first serve. As long as we have enough damage/etc to actually beat the dungeon in question, anyone is welcome.

Furthermore, ignoring people and their opinions is something that is simply not done here. I'm always willing to listen to people when I'm on, and I try my very best to be approachable. The very fact that you did not contact me in private even once to discuss these issues, shows that you weren't even willing to put the minimum effort to discuss these concerns with me before storming off. And that goes to anyone else who has issues. I can't help if you don't talk to me. I'm not a mind reader.

Good day to you, and I hope you find what you're looking for out there. Somehow, I get the impression you're going to have a hard time.

P.S.: It's a recruitment forum, not Amazon or eBay, so what's with the 'review'? ~.~
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azalyn|2013-06-27 00:16:31
P.S.: It's a recruitment forum, not Amazon or eBay, so what's with the 'review'? ~.~
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I'm thinking about having my small guild (Kokoko) merge with a larger guild and I'm looking for a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Since you guys are LGBT friendly and like Linux, you seem like a good match for my members. There's only 4 of us that are active. I hope you might consider us, should we choose Lovelace.

Please PM Asthis or Aima Tabadi

A guildmember who joined when we founded the guild who hadn't logged on for months stole all our haven world money so unfortunately we have nothing to contribute to help you guys get one. sad 
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Lovelace has a mumble now
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Honestly, after looking through over 50 guilds and trying to find a fit, I'd think this'd be one definitely. Most haven't been LBGT friendly, nor have a reputation that's lasted since the start of games. I'm trying to find some place i'd fit in well, be able to run dungeons and such n'make friends, and i'd love to try to be a part of this guild. I'm not the highest in level, my highest only a 28, but i'm working on an Air Sacrier who's a citizen of Amakna, and at level 25 with not so great gear. I'd contribute what I could, but i'd probably need help to get better gear so i'd be a help to a team (Besides being a natural TANK like all Sacriers end up being in a form or manner.) Either way, I love running dungeons and stuff with others, and i'd like to make a few friends in a guild.
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We'd be happy to have you. I've sent you an ankabox message about getting in touch with us when you're online so that we can invite you.
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Hi everyone! My IGN is Kitarou and I recently joined Lovelace and it will be permanent =] 
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This guild is one heck of a ride.
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~bump~ we're at 200 members but if you know the secret handshake we can kick some alts for u or somthing
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My IGN is Dword. I'm a 74 Cra and I've been looking to join Lovelace. I found Viola Valincourt sitting around and inquired about an opening. As I understand it there are no current openings. I know I'm a bit on the low level side and you may not be willing to open a slot until I'm higher. If a spot does open please keep me in mind. Thanks! smile 
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I'm always willing to have a few alts kicked to invite a new player. I will be looking for you in game to invite you if u haven't found a guild or you can contact Mad Mini
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Lovelace is a good guild and do things for the player base not to it. They have my seal of approval.
i am not member but have had nothing but good experiences with them and there members.
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Mr-buddy2u|2014-06-17 20:39:18
Lovelace is a good guild and do things for the player base not to it. They have my seal of approval.
i am not member but have had nothing but good experiences with them and there members.
Ty Glitz that means a lot. I feel the same way about Craftmen's Inc. and will have your back. Lovelace currently has open recruitment. anyone who wants to join the top guild on the server with lots of peeps to do stuff with should contact me or anyone in Lovelace. anyone in Lovelace is a part of Lovelace and will treated as such. we're family here.
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Dear Lovelace,

My name is May and have come back after a long break. I quite around the time Whispers came out but I am making a new account to start fresh. I might still have all my gear from my old account but I'm not sure if you can trade with free accounts since that wasn't the case back then.

For reference I had 2 accounts with at least 4 characters over 100 and so I have quite a bit of experience.

I am starting over an an earth Rogue since that's one of the only classes I didn't use.

Her name is Maybeelean.

I hope to hear from somone!
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May, we would love to have you in the Lovelace family. I have been un able to catch u! contact Mad Mini or The Grinch in game Ill hook up the invite biggrin 
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Hey, returning player here and fellow linux user! My main is a level 48 pandawa, but in light of the coming revamp, I think I'll temporarily bench him for a new character. I also would rather relearn from the bottom. I remember next to nothing! D: So what classes are in high demand these days? What classes are good in each role? My character is Koffu, but as I said, I may start a new one to focus on.

EDIT: Settled on foggernaut for fun factor. Hopefully it's viable. Name is: "Diord". I haven't been able to find the OP online since I first posted here. Hopefully you guys can find me!
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Hello i am Ark-Angel and old Lovelace guild member from 2+years ago tongue (you can see my introduction post in the lovelace forums) . I took a break from wakfu since it required subscription and was busy with other things and now im back!!!!!!!!! My new character is an enutrof named: After-Mathx, ive tried contacting leader but i guess i'm not on at the right time? I would like to be part of this awesome guild again. I've posted this exact message on the guild forums as well.
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