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Looking for Active Guild

By CroatsWarning February 24, 2013, 19:07:37
IGN: Kroats
-Bonta by heart but have nothing against joining multi nation guild.

Feel free to message me in game I should be on, I have 2 alts which i may or may not bring, "Accordingly with if the guild would like."

alts are in their 40's

1. pure pp enu - for my trips to dungeons. (around level 48)
2. firewall rogue - for general play, whats more fun than 2 firewalls? (around level 45)

I am recently a comeback player from beta, very active, know how to have a good time.

Have been playing solo for as long as i can remember, trying to take away some of the boredness by joining in the community.
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If you're still looking message me in-game, "Reborn"

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Come Join House of Night Kroats!
We are a bundle of love and friendship with alot to offer!

Please regard this thread for more information!

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