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[ENDED] Sufokia Tea Party #1

By honeycitrustea - MEMBER - April 29, 2016, 01:45:09

The 1st Sufokia Tea Party

When: Saturday, May 7th, 2016
Time: 1 PM PDT // 4 PM EDT
Where: Basement of Astrub Tavern
What: Auction & Party Time!

❀ ⪧ ❁ ⪧ ❀ ⪦ ❁ ⪦ ❀

Spring had come, and the flowers were blossoming throughout the World of Twelve. The last day of April had finally arrived! The Sufokians decided to celebrate with a Spring cleaning. What better way than an Auction to do so? The Sufokian people knew that it was best to share their wealth and treasures with each other instead of simply throwing their old valuables away. They hastily worked together and assembled an Auction House in the basement of the Astrub Tavern. The Auction will take place at noon! All citizens of the World of Twelve are invited to participate or spectate in this Auction. Come join us for our first Sufokia Tea Party Event~

❀ ⪧ ❁ ⪧ ❀ ⪦ ❁ ⪦ ❀

Auction Details and Rules

1. Miya-Koi will be the Auctioneer, and will auction the items through public politics chat.
2. Bids start at the minimum price set by the Seller.
3. To auction an item, please trade the item to the Auctioneer, and state a minimum price.
4. Each bid must be higher than the previous bid, and have minimum 100 kama increments.
5. The Buyer will be the one who bidded the highest.
6. If you are the Buyer, trade the Auctioneer the amount that you bidded.

❀ ⪧ ✿ ⪧ ❀ ⪦ ✿ ⪦ ❀

A thank you to these people who helped plan and/or contribute to the very first Sufokia Tea Party! Mistion, Chaosthief Xi, Heterophobia, Mega Sue, Ciannybaer, Ginger, and AzulKnight! Thank you all (again) very much for making this possible! If you would be interested in planning the next Tea Party, send me a PM or Anka-Box. (+ here's a heads up that we may plan a PvP event for the next one!)
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Hopefully nobody will be sick next week. Get better soon Miya!

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What ChaosThief said, hope to make it to the rescheduled date as well.

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I was originally thinking to postpone the event by exactly one week, but I'm still feeling not-so-great, so we'll see. I'll check in with the other members on Wednesday and decide whether or not we'll go with this Saturday. If not, we'll definitely aim for next Saturday. Take care, everyone. Don't get sick, it's not fun. :p

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I'll be at work during the new date. Oh well.

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