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Score : 2814

Singleboxers, unite!

By De-Tox - MEMBER - March 15, 2014, 17:15:39
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Score : 543
IGN: Ethan Strauss
Class: Masq
Level: 152

IGN: Roi Aniolek
Class: Feca

Weekdays and Weekends: All day errday

Content: Mostly interested in Wa Wabbit dungeon and/or Wobot in Chief or Shushu2 dungeon. Party me
Score : 50
IGN : Tezine
Class : Enu Fire/earth(ish)
Level : 60 something

Available: Anytime except mournings

Content: Will run anything but won't run that.
Score : 225
IGN: Kexi
Class: Iop
Level: 150


Content: Wobot in Chief, Genetically Modified, Srambad
Score : 313
IGN: Dreadnor
Class: Sacrier
Level: 23

IGN: Drigo
Class: Water Eni
Level: 45

Available: Randomly, just add me and if you see me on I should be available

Content: Leveling and Dungeons
Score : 1489
IGN: Synapse
Class: Sacrier
Level: 115ish

IGN: Seisui
Class: Ecaflip
Level: 125ish

IGN: Paizuri
Class: Rogue
Level: 100ish

Looking for a good time. I'm frequently busy due to running a lot of things guild-wise and world of twelve-wise, but feel free to send me a pm and I'll gladly join for just about anything. smile
Score : 145
IGN: Powerful
Class: Cra
Level: 130

Content: Leveling, Dungeons

Always looking for things to do and people to help.
Score : 1253
IGN: Dethsupport
Class: Sacrier [Lock Tank]
Level: 147

Content: Dungeons - Wobot, Spore, Wabbit

Available: 0500 - 1700
Score : 4951
IGN: Caelael
Class: Cra (Earth/Air)
Level: 123

Content: Necro and higher. I mainly just want a leveling party. I'm usually on, so toss me a PM.
Score : 251
IGN: Feonix
Class: Feca -Water/Earth-
Level: 131

Content: Owhymi, Spores, Wabbits (need gen mod stuff)

Most active from 6AM-10AM and 7PM-11PM Eastern Time
Score : 4156
IGN: Nereid
Class: Feca (
Level: 152
Content: Castuc and up.
Time: 0500-2100
Score : 7789
Server: Nox

Name: Kerella
Level: 173
Dungeons: HC ENU/either xelor pasta/normal xelor present (ow el)

Name: The Black Rabbit
Level: 95 (x2 XP)
Dungeons: Anything for XP until AMBA then I will make a linked Solomonk!

Name: Doffen Shmirtz
Level: ~45 (x3 XP)
Dungeons: Anything level-appropriate for XP/level gain
Score : 1514
IGN: Tiene
Class: Sadida
Level: 173
Dungeons: Jelly and Up C: Literally all of the above
Score : 9
Name: Hioka
Class: Cra
Level: 148

Content: Trying to get a GKC but up for anything Castuc and Up
Time: PST evenings (thought i start school in September so my schedule is bound to change)
Score : 194
Name: Luna-Mei
Class: Eliotrope
Level: 143

Content: WA and Sram dungeons, otomais and dailies, always up to grind as well! Really anything as long as we have fun smile
Time: usually on at 2am-6 or 7pm EST. I live in Germany so the time difference is a little inconvenient.
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