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The Least Dangerous Game

By Ballsdeep69 - MEMBER - January 09, 2014, 08:56:50
Some people in another thread liked my idea of instilling fear in the noobs on Nox. They're gotten too needy, and act too entitled. While noobs ARE part of the game, they're too aggressive about their begging. I remember when I was a noob, there was a Cra named Skylust in my guild. Just the other day, I beat him in a PvP (I caught up.). But, when I was little, he was pretty scary.

That being said, I would still ask for help, when I needed it. But, I wouldn't ask if it wasn't needed, because I thought he would eat me or something.

I think if we set aside one day to massacre anyone below say level 100 (that can be debated, if you all like.), it would put some fear into the noobs, and calm them down. Maybe they'd even form packs for protection, and party together.

Let's freakin do it. I say Sunday, January 12, 2014 should be the first Noob Hunt on Nox. Anyone with me?
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I shall direct you back to your other thread to see my previous comment about figuring out a way to properly identify actually noobs
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Id say this is a contributing factor to the lack of people on here.
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Diablolic|2014-01-10 10:21:53
Id say this is a contributing factor to the lack of people on here.

On the one hand people complain about the lack of players online, on the other someone suggests scare-raiding all the newbies? No thank you.
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Agreed. If you want to do something to get noticed and have fun... try helping the 'noobs' as you call them with whatever they need instead.

Help grow and nurture them first. Once they are plentiful only then can you harvest them. Maybe Ankama should make a another graph to show the number of noobs in each area. The government can make them an endangered species.
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