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DEC 11 Wednesday: Guard Event

By jspano December 11, 2013, 12:32:31
With the new guard quest line, I figured hey, someone might need to kill an outlaw. Well, here's your friendly neighborhood outlaw stepping up the guillotine!

Where: Brak Outpost Haven World (the one owned by Beaters), or maybe I can come to you. I'd prefer you come to me, but hey, I'm a nice guy.

When: Mostly all day, whenever I'm on.

Requirements: Just ask, and preferably a ken-ko. I have a few, but if too many people want my body, I'm for sure going to run out.

Who: Bulwark

I'll be chilling in my haven world, gathering mats, so just send me a PM, or come yell in local. I'll be in the back. Hopefully, all you lower levels will take advantage of this offer and get your guard on!


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Just when I thought you couldn't be cooler smile

Thanks for your effort!
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