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[Nox] Hunger Games III + Video of Event (Closed)

By KHfan22 - MEMBER - November 05, 2013, 10:36:22
I've talked about it enough and it's time to get some action going!

I'm back to bring the third Hunger Games! For those who are familiar with the event, the rules are still the same. But in case there are new comers I shall introduce my event.

The Governor of Amakna invites you to participate in the Third Hunger Games on Saturday, November 9, 2013. (Read on for listing of scheduled times) The event will be located in Emelka, Amakna (The event will not be located in the mines for people may not have familiarity of the area and there is no map).

Here's how it works:
  • All participants are to gather in front of Alibert (the Clan Member of Emelka) in Emelka Village.
  • Know your opponents names! Any aggressing of the spectators or Governemnt Officials will result in Disqualification!
  • Once the Governor begins the events all participants are required to separate into Emelka. Follow people at your own risk! They may aggress you but that's the point of the game isn't it? wink
  • Make sure to PM a Government official your battles and the coordinates of your fight. Government officials helping in the event must watch the fight to determine and make a final announcement of the fight.
  • All losing participants will be KenKOed (or may wish to leave) and make their way back to the Clan Member or become a spectator. (By entering this event you agree and vow not to return to the event after a loss).
  • Government Officials will be watching in Spektral Costumes.
Schedule: EST (Eastern Standard Time not EDT)
6:00 - 6:45 pm EST - Gathering
6:45 - 7:00 pm EST - Short brief clarification of rules
7:00 pm EST - Event will begin with short announcement
* Time may change on the hour of the event, however, I will wait at 6:00 pm EST for the arrival of participants.

The Rules:
  • All participants must fight in 1v1 battles. No groups are allowed.
  • One character for every one person.
  • Fight until the last man standing. If you lose you are out of the game.
  • This is a 100% fun event. Have fun! happy
There will be no prizes for this event. As Nox is currently at peace with no wars between nations, I have decided to have this event for casual aggressing pleasure while having fun at the same time.

Hunger Games Hall of Fame:
1st Hunger Games (Called Nox PvP Tournament): Moongrove with an overwhelming doll victory.
2nd Hunger Games (Called Nox PvP Tournament II) Tremor who left all participants under stasis defeat.
3rd Hunger Games: ?? Will it be you? Sign up below in the comments and be prepared on Nov 9!
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As a Remington player is it unlikely for me to attend this event however I would still enjoying watching it.
For that end I can provide you or anyone else with help with filming such as software etc.
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The event is tomorrow! Spread the word that PKing fun will happen at Emelka tomorrow and 6 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Hope to see you there and may the odds be in your favor,
Skai, Governor of Amakna
Guild Mistress of Illuminati.
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Thank you to everyone who participated and thank you to those who came to watch the event!

The victor of the third Hunger Games is Ierp!

As of right now I am editing the video and I will be posting it on Youtube. It should be up Tomorrow, (Sunday, November 10, 2013).

Skai, Governor of Amakna
Guild Mistress of Illuminati
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[Nox] Wakfu Hunger Games III

I have uploaded the video and it's available in 1080p.

Special Thanks to JerryDB for giving me the opportunity to record this event! I hope you, along with everyone else, enjoys the video!

Unfortunately, I was unable to see all the fights that took place but the ones I recorded were very exciting in my opinion!
Also my apologies for spending a few seconds running around Emelka trying to find fights. I guess all the participants like to hang around the zaap side of the territory X3.

Don't leave once the credits roll in too tongue. You'll be able to understand why a certain Earth/Air Cra owes me bread~

Sneak Peek Information: There will be a fourth Hunger Games! This time with a little twist~ Muahahaha!

Skai, Governor of Amakna
Guild Mistress of Illuminati
Score : 15426
Very well done in both terms of the event and filming itself.

With a hungry games style event unless everyone is a camera man or you create a arena you will miss many fights. Remington hunger games typcial starts out in massive groups so the fights are usually much longer then its turns nasty when there are barely anyone left.

I can't believe and Iop outsmarted a Cra its just unheard of!.

You are welcome it is nice to finally seem some real Nox action I look forward to the next events.

P.S. to delete the video as its already up on youtube use a permanent free deletion software otherwise eventually your hard drive will be full even though there is nothing actually on it , I know it makes little sense believe me on this one.

You can always re-download the video if you ever needed to.
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