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Dungeon Runners

By Razikale August 13, 2013, 08:27:37
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Score : 40
Name: Galvain
Class: Sacrier
Level: 109
Element: Air

Let me know if you want to do some run with me wink 
Score : 17096
Name: Kewkky
Class: Sram
Level: 140
Element: Fire/Water

I'm as useful as a non-ranged melee class can be, but I do some damage and am quite a smart Sram. Ask me for any lv90+ dungeon (specifically those dropping apprentice/initiate/sage resources, or better), only thing I'm doing lately is hunting for my currently-end-game gear to help me be one of the strongest Srams on the server (still got some work to do, though).
Score : 1112
Name: Rokar
Class: Osamoda
Level: 130
Element: Air Dragon

Highly active always looking to do some dungeons, especially Necro, Black wabbit, Lenald, Zwombits would also love to join active DP, MOG teams. Hit me up anytime, toodles. wink
Score : 93
Name: Thomine
Class: Cra
Level: 118
Element: Fire/ Air

I'm up for any dungeon lvl 70 or above. Especially Sylargh runs.
Score : 2
Name: Disobey
Class: Sacrier
Element: Air
Score : 3761
Name: Hipster
Class: Masq
Level: 110
Element: Water/Air

Highly Active.
Score : 17096
Seriously, if anyone needs to run a dungeon for anything (besides leveling), don't hesitate to ask me. I am so sick and tired of the stupid grind in this game, and how I can barely ever do any dungeons because everyone is off doing their own thing. Once again:

Name: Kewkky
Class: Sram
Level: 140
Element: Fire/Water
Score : 968
Well I did a post here a while back, and I'm just wanting to do a bit of a update.

Character Name: Kamillia
Class: Masquarder
Level: 100 (finally broke thru the double digit bracket.)
Element: Fire/Water/Air
Score : 6673
Character Name: Rizarealm
Class: Feca
Level: 117
Element: Fire/Water/Earth

Want to do Frigost dung runs and Magmog.
Score : 909
Character Name: Haterade
Class: Sadida
Build: Air/Crit
Level: 89

It'd be cool if someone would invite me to a moowolf run.
Score : 40
Character Name: Algus
Class: Ecaflip
Build: Fire/Crit
Level: 96

Almost always on. Down for any dungeon 60+.
Score : 1202
Character Name: Majoras
Class: Xelor
Build: Fire/Air
Level: 133

Character Name: Volvagia
Class: Enutrof
Build: Water/Earth
Level: 133

Character Name: Impa Sage of Shadow
Class: Eniripsa
Build: Water
Level: 126

Character Name: Romani
Class: Cra
Build: Fire/Earth
Level: 124

I love running Jellix, Iceberg dungeons and Wabbit dungeons, but I'll join other things if I'm bored enough.
Score : 2916

Fire Rogue, no brid i am fire.

looking for necro speed runs if my groups not on.

bringing my tank sac.

i try evading groups with earth enu. iop. srams. eca, because i dont want to hear it

set has tons of pp built in. lemme know.
Score : 1068
Character Name: Nali's Wrath
Class: Sacrier
Element: Fire
Level: 128

I'm up for pretty much anything. Especially places people tend to hate, like Strich and such. Just throw me a message/invite and chances are, I'll be doing nothing. I'll run Piwi if that's what you want. Mobs, dungeons, UBs, I'm there.
Score : 17096
JuStpLaiNtalENt|2013-12-10 14:50:46
i try evading groups with earth enu. iop. srams. eca, because i dont want to hear it

Uhh, but why? "I dont want to hear it" doesn't really explain anything. Those are some specific conditions and I can't find any correlation between them. :\
Score : 174
Character Name: Brodacious
Class: Enu
Element: Water
Level: 113 
Score : 481


Queen Awesome


That's it for now! Sorry, but I won't do updates a lot.
Score : 544
Name: Follow
Class: Osamodas
Element: Fire/Summon
Level: 36

Name: Quxti
Class: Feca
Element: Fire/Water
Strengths: Glyphs/Single target close/mid range damage
Level: 102
Score : 132
Name: Sakie the Kid
Class: Rogue
Element: Air/Earth
Level: 100

I am on most late nights and during the day a good bit. I am looking to run any 60+ dungeon. As i have hit lvl 100 I am also looking for a group to start doing ubs with, i have no ub experience but i want to learn, thanks =)
Score : 774
Name: Healz
Class: Eni
Element: Water
Level: 129


Name: Beastly
Class: Osa
Element: Fire Summoner
Level: 113

I am usually on most days after 6 pm est, willing to run most dungeons if they offer decent exp/drops. I am also available to do UBs.
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