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Dungeon Runners

By Razikale August 13, 2013, 08:27:37
Want to run that dungeon but can never quite get a group? Well here is your chance just type in your class, level, element, and your characters name here and if people need to fill a gap they can just PM you in game!! So what are you waiting for?

Name: Razikale
Class: Iop
Element: Fire

Hope we get a chance to meet. XD
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Score : 87
Name: Rasé
Class: Sacrier
Level: 110
Element: Air

For those that have problems with the é (which is almost everyone XD) The command to type it is: Alt+0233
Score : 1235
Name: Loony
Class: Panda
Level: 112
Element: Fire/water
Score : 55
Always run 2 accounts. I know I'm much lower than the others so far, but if someone wants to run more of the mid-level stuff, here I am:

Name: Lockmead
Class: Panda
Level: 84
Element: Earth

Name: Allegro con Fuoco
Class: Eca
Level: 76
Element: Fire/water 
Score : 6125
Name: Zora Mask
Class: Masqueraider
Level: 130
Element: Water/Fire & Air for positioning

Name: Remmat
Class: Osamodas
Level: 117
Element: Summoner

In a different account: (i dual)

Name: Kamikaze Wall
Class: Feca
Level: 115
Element: TriElement
Strong points:
  • Initiative-glypher (not so high ini but im usually first unless a rogue is in party)
  • Tank-locker (350 lock atm, enough to lock polars, mechas, etc)
Score : 1358
Name: Maquis
Class: Iop
Element: Fire/Earth


Name: Wufuu
Class: Pandawa
Element: Fire
Score : 561
Name: Ederick
Class: Cra
Level: 107
*Element: Air


Name: Dusty Eagle
Class: Rogue
Level: 96
*Element: Air


Name: Anima Plus
Class: Osamodas
Level: 73
Element: Air/Earth

I posted three since each of them fit different dungeons (Note: The stared (*) elements indicate that I plan on changing their build in case any party is planned after the 27th and that I may come back to edit this)
Score : 1967
Name: Calsifer
Class: Xelor
Level: 114
Element: Fire/Air


Name: Silent Bob
Class: Feca
Level: 113
Element: Earth

*strong points -> High lvl Glyphs and Armor.
Res over 120 in all elements.
Score : 2920
Name: Blades'Nades'
Class: roublar
Level: 111
Element: Fire/air

Total hoe dunking thug. i am a glass cannon so groups with enis or sacs are smiles upon =D.
Score : 1274
Name: Jaiice
Class: Eni
Level: 111
Element: Fire/Water hybrid

I love running dungeons.
Score : 58
I can play any combination of the below or quad box even.

Name: Ispaded
Class: Eniripsa
Level: 107
Element: Fire/Water

Name: Thuleru
Class: Ecaflip
Level: 107
Element: Fire

Name: Biro
Class: Feca
Level: 80
Element: Earth

Name: Sputo
Class: Enutrof
Level: 80
Element: Water
Score : 969
Well in light of everyone else, I am pretty low in level but am working to change that.

Name: Kamillia
Class: Masq
Level: 38
Build/Element: Fire/Air(Air for support to my Fire tree and positioning)

I'm almost always on.
Score : 230
Name: Raresumo
Class: Enutrof
Level: 109
Build/Element: PP/Water
Score : 706
Name: Lyia
Class: Osamodas
Level: 117
Build: Summon

Jellies are pretty stronk, despite most people cringing at bringing summoners into dungeons. These jellies can level an entire team, usually.

Name: Kuiree
Class: Cra
Level: 107
Build: Earth/double pierce

Working on a fire Ecaflip and a fire Rouge at the moment. I can log others, but I'd prefer to log those.

This seems really fun, meeting new people and running random dungeons. Anyone have any ideas on which dungeons we should run? smile

Score : 877
Name: The Grinch
Class: Enutrof
Level: 121
Build/Element: PP/Fire capable of very high damage. willing it share/trade drops if its not what Im looking for. I will run pretty much any dungeon. I am looking for Mecha dungeon runs
Score : 1813
account 1:

Name: Shiemi
Class: Iop
Level: 120
Build/Element: air/crit

Name: Ru'ukahthis
Class: Pandawa
Level: 114
Build/Element: fire/springer for CC, explosive flask for LR

account 2:

Name: Fiat
Class: eni
Level: 115
Build/Element: water

Name: Broker
Class: Enutrof
Level: 115
Build/Element: water/pp
ok with sharing/trading drops if i don't need it

I have a level 63 water sadi, 31 fire eca, 90 earth rebound cra, and a 107 unfinished earthy tank panda as well for some lower level dungeon runs
Score : 561
the-REAL-Dilancuan|2013-09-03 20:08:16
This seems really fun, meeting new people and running random dungeons. Anyone have any ideas on which dungeons we should run? smile

um....maybe settle on a meeting date for several of the people who posted here.
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Name: Epic Shots
Class: Cra
Level: 118
Build/Element: Piercing/Earth

Name: Epic Loots
Class: Enu
Level: 116
Build/Element: Water Or PP Set

Name: Epic Heals
Class: Eni
Level: 103
Build/Element: Water

All my characters are on different accounts, so which ever is needed can be used if needed, also have a few guildies that may want to come along and do some partying or dungeon. Message me ingame
Score : 278
Name: Aen'ari
Class: Gobgob Osa
Level: 111
Element: Earth/water
Score : 2350

Name:wind dragon
Class: osamoda
Level: 57
Element:pure summoner / earth when needed for support

can never find anyone willing to do dungeon been soloing lately
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