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Need Dungeon Run partner(s)

By gardenteacher August 12, 2013, 01:24:41
I have 2 characters that I dual box - an 8x level panda and a 7x level ecaflip. I'm interested in finding a few more characters to run around with primarily to do the level 55-70 dungeons, but I'm not against doing some hunts for fun and profit either. I've been able to do most of these dungeons with my pair, but I'm so far below level cap that I get almost no XP, and most of the best drops require 400 prospecting.

I'd like to find either another dual boxer with 2 characters or a pair of folks that play together to join up with me and allow us to meet level caps and break PP locks together. Any two characters level 50+ would be fine, since my panda can tank when needed for this level and my eca can heal enough to get us through. I'm usually on in the late evenings pacific time (8PM-11PM), but I can make arrangements to be on at other times if needed.

I'm willing to run any of the mid-level dungeons, but the things I'm most interested in at this time are:
Royal Crab
Forfut mob hunts

Reply here or look for Lockmead (panda) or Allegro con Fuoco (eca) in game.
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