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[Nox] 2 New players LF 2 people to play with (Ridiculously Acitve)

By Loliplz July 22, 2013, 01:39:14
AS the title says, me and my friend are looking for 2 other people to play with. We're currently a 15 water enu and 15 air cra. Please post here or add Echetti ingame.
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Message me in-game: Judeau
im usually on around 5pm cst - evening and a few hours in the morning. My friend and I are looking for more people to play with too
Message "Haterade" in game, I'm pretty active in the game! (Level 29 Sadida)
Join my guild ,Illuminati. We'll be glad to enjoy this game with you guys still you choose to leave or stay. biggrin

We are usually all on around 5 pm est.

IGN: beezy, rayzi, enini, enira.
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