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Fire/Water Eni LF Mollusky Runs

By Jaiice - MEMBER - July 02, 2013, 16:20:52
Hi guys, my name is Jaice and I am a lvl 107 fire/water eni. I am trying to farm a kraken set and still need a few pieces. Its kind of a lower level dungeon, so sometimes it is difficult for me to get an Enu in there with me, much less a full party. So if anyone would like to run it with me, hit me up in game please.
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It doesn't really matter if the dungeon is low level or not. Just breeze through the dungeon until the last boss and then stall so the enu can build the bonus PP.
I run countless runs of chafer dungeons to drop royal canines, scara dungeons for fudge (is no better since I can one turn nearly every single room except of the boss as an earth cra), and running plenty of cloudy dungeons for cloudy cotton with an enu. I stall and take hits while the enu builds up the pp.

Excuse me for rambling ^^; I wish you luck on getting a group going! =D
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It doesn't really matter if the dungeon is low level or not.

The point being that it is difficult for me to find someone to run it with since its a lower level dungeon....
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I'd be willing to help you when i can, although im only on for a couple hours each night.

IGN: Samuraijaku(Eni) or Zarchurr Sarzt(Masq)
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