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[Sufokia] Government Meeting

By SpencerHarrison - MEMBER - June 21, 2013, 07:02:37
Greetings my fellow Sufokians, I am the new governor, Fizo. On Friday June 21 the government will be having an open meeting next to Master Screech in between Astrub and Sufokia at 8pm EST/5pm PST. We would like to discuss our plans as a nation, it is crucial that we come together and see what is most important to those that call Sufokia home. So if you have any ideas on how you think Sufokia could be a better place, I implore you, please make time to stop by and talk it over with us.

I will try and post meeting minutes here and generally try and have a stronger forum presence, much like a few of the past and present governors, of other nations, that I personally respect very much for being more transparent with their governments.

-Fizo the Great-
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Congratulations on your win Fizo!

Strangely enough Amakna will also be having our own National Meeting at the same time. I hope your meeting goes well. And I wish you a great and smooth sailing term.

Head Guard of Amakna
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I saw that and was a bit bummed I would not be able to make it. I hope to work with Amakna in the future with a few things. I am really trying to follow your example Skai with being active on the forums.

Meeting minutes. We had two people show up, I would say it was more then I expected but I asked them to come.

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The meeting ended early because the two people there left to go fix a failing ecosystem.

Will be having a second meeting July 5 in the same part of the Sufokian Outpost at 8pm EST. Stop by and say hello or talk about things you would like to happen in Sufokia.
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