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Score : 204

Hazel planks? 100kk

By FilthHigh April 27, 2013, 10:59:34
From now until the maint I will be collecting Hazel Plank's from anyone. Whoever brings me the most before the server goes down for maint will receive 100kk from my pocket. ign: Writhe

Please do not clear-cut area's, plant and lumberjack so everyone can have a chance to get hazel still.

Total so far: 522


Kenthishiro : 116
Hellion : 406
Reactions 3
Score : 6251
Although I'm not part of this event planning, I hope everyone is respectful to their own nations and replant trees for the benefits of Clan Member bonus.

Good luck to all those who participate!
Score : 2156
I have 1200 hazel planks right now (well half of it is in the form of still currently un-sawed wood) that I have been stockpiling for leveling armorer on profession day. I will sell them to you instead for 100kk. But I won't risk it on the possibility of no reward. Let me know.

IGN: Waffler
Score : 204
Congrats Hellion! 100kk for 406 planks.
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