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Sufokian Event! (Government Hosted)

By BloodAspect - MEMBER - May 29, 2020, 14:21:24

The Sufokian Government is hosting a three part event this Saturday (May 30th) at 7PM EST to celebrate how awesome Sufokia is! This event will begin at the Sufokian Zaap where you will be led inside a designated Haven Bag (Where most of the event will occur). Be aware that this event will be compromised of three different games for you to enjoy. Therefore, you can afford to miss one or two events. You can show up and participate even if you're late!

There are three qualities in the world of twelve that you must possess in order to thrive as a Sufokian. These qualities have ensured our survival since before the Dofus era and will now be tested! 

1. Knowledge of the world of twelve as well as the ability to decipher Truth from Lies

2. Speed and Reflexes 

3. Problem solving and Initiative


Event 1: Kamas are the fish that we eat everyday, the beer in our mugs...the houses we live in. The ability to know a good deal from a bad one is what makes us smart or...well...a Iop. Either it be to avoid the deals of a greedy Enutrof or a shady Rogue - Knowledge and Truth/False Deciphering is a necessary skill for Sufokians!Your skills shall be tested in a game of "True or False"

Event 2: We live in a dangerous world. Is Ogrest on that cliff...Or maybe that one? Likely neither yet regardless, the oceans are fierce and the land is prowling with monsters. Your Speed and Reflexes determine your fate in battle. Will you defeat Ogrest or will you drown in his sorrows? 

Your skills shall be tested in a game of "Musical Chairs"

Event 3: Last and most importantly...your problem solving and initiative. Will you be the leading force that takes the world of twelve by surprise - to be the first champion it has ever seen in ages? Or will you step aside and follow the path of those who have walked before you? To be Sufokian means to be #1 and that means that we must be the first and the best!

Your skills shall be tested in a "Treasure Hunt"


The names of the champions shall be engraved on this forum forever!

Truth or Lie? Champion: Shadewolffe

Musical Chairs! Champion: Iops-Quin

Treasure Hunt, Champions: Ten-Punch Sip (2), Hina Motaru

These trials will be gruelling yet treasure awaits. The government of Sufokia has invested 20 Million Kamas for the champions! Run from Brakmar, Run from Amakna, Run from Bonta - All Are Welcome! 

Now what are you waiting for? This event is not one to miss. 

                                                                                                                 - Yours Truly, Governor Thousand

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"most importantly-your problem solving and initiative"

oh no, I have legit 10 initiative.

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same lol

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Ohhh this event.

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