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A National Event (Postponed 1 day to April 5th at 4:30PM Pacific time)

By Zeke-Green - MEMBER - March 31, 2020, 01:04:31
Governor Zeke Green
On Sunday the 5th @ 4:30PM Pacific Daylight time the Amakna government will be hosting an international event centered around a party game called Mafia. Some older players may remember events like this from a few years back and this will be the same as then. For those newer players, I will outline the game:

-All participants will be citizens of a town
-A certain number of the citizens (based on the total number of players) will be randomly assigned as members of the Mafia.
-Each night the Mafia will attempt to assassinate an innocent citizen.
-The next morning the townspeople will choose whom they think is the guilty party by majority vote and the remaining citizens will vote the accused either guilty or innocent.
-If the Mafia outnumbers the townspeople, they win. If the townspeople eliminate all the Mafia, the town wins.
-There will also be 1-2 players randomly assigned as Guardian Angels who can each choose a citizen to protect each night.

The event will be held in the haven world of the guild known as "Bread Nation Government" and all who wish to attend should enter into the front area of the haven world from their respective nations. Not everyone who comes will be required to join the game, spectators are more than welcome. The host would ask all non-participants, however, to refrain from interfering with the progress of the game.

If you are interested in this event, please leave a replay on this thread, so that a rough idea of the number off attendants can be formulated.

It's about time everyone had some fun on Nox these days!
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Town of Salem lol

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