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Battle Royale #2 (Nov. 21 @ 4pm)

By Kimanic - MEMBER - November 21, 2018, 15:22:39

Brakmar (Nox) is hosting its Second Battle Royale on Wednesday, November 21st at 4:00pm, official server time in Ecaflipus. All nations are welcome! All fighers will be evenly matched, auto-leveled down to level 80 (no gear or characteristics). All fights are 2v2 with your own hero or a partner. Winners advance until there is only one undefeated team. Losers advance to the 3rd runner up bracket.

1st Prize: 1,000,000 kamas
2nd Prize: 750,000 kamas
3rd Prize: 250,000 kamas

Entrance Fee: 10,000 kamas per fighter.

Contact members of Brakmar Government for further details (Kimas, Orza, Tristangenin, Merlennia, Stardust-Sprinkleshine, Metal Blood, Xiraret, Critikull)

Congratulations to all our winners.

1st Place: Brutal Murder/Kora Newtaimer

2nd Place: Wealthy Relative Kamabags/Rasil

3rd Place: Ougi Bones/Icecoolkiler

Entrance Fee Raffle Winner: Rasil

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