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Why I Think The Nox Server And Why Its Doing So Bad In Terms Of Players

By MiniGiant666 - MEMBER - October 11, 2018, 21:58:05

i think its because of amount of skilled players like delta-prime witch are high levels roaming around. you never expect a person that high. you'll think its wait until you much stronger to fight other leveled people but NOPE. Lets you do it

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so are you saying Delta is a good player?

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seems more like delta beat up someone who couldn't even leave astrub yet

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I never got that impression, but I play lots of mmorpgs so I'm used to seeing epic-tier players roaming around. That's not a bad thing anyway, gives newbies something to look forward or aspire to.

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Have you seen power level guides? 
its true alot of high players are on, but it really doesnt take long to lvl wakfu then it does most mmos ive played. Im lvl 97 in 4 days. 

getting lvld is pretty easy, profession leveling is what takes a good bit of time in my perspective. 

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