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Looking for Leveling partners!

By SacriThou - MEMBER - October 10, 2018, 13:05:22

Hello guys !
I joined this game a week ago and  ive seen it has alot to offer 
Chosing Nox server wasnt my proudest choise as it doesnt have so many ppl in it biggrin
Anybody looking for a party around 75~ lvl Pm me !
Name's Akriloth!

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Score : 152

I would but I'm only lvl 40 lmao

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"Astrub" in Nox has become so deserted you expect the music will be changing to mournful old western ballads about ghost towns, and have dusty tumbleweeds blowing past Pappy's porch next.   tongue

Actually, given that about the only interesting action one see's there lately are a couple of level-200's dueling each other, maybe some of  Ennio Morricone's soundtrack music might be appropriate?   biggrin

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i wouldnt mind if u are in Phaeris.  XD

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Stop pulling people into the Asian server, Nox needs more...

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I'll be honest, I need the check the forums more often.  If you're still looking for people to party with let me know.  I'm on Nox and if our times align, I play almost daily.

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