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By lunarmurchen - MEMBER - April 03, 2018, 02:05:57
The Brotherhood of Tofu Welcoming Party

- - - - -

Hello adventurers.

Look down at your keyboard, now back to the screen, now back to the keyboard, now back to the screen. Sadly, you're not typing any messages right now, but if you so chose to stop by the Amakna Outpost on Sunday, April 15th around 6pm PST/9pm EST, you could be exchanging pleasantries with your fellow adventurers.

Look right, look left, where are you?

You're picnicking at the massive feet of jolly Jonk Andee with a tankard of Amaknian Root Beer in one hand and a heaping plate of Alibert's Gobball Stew in the other.

Hold on. What's that in your haven bag?

Actually I have it, it's one of the exciting prizes up for grabs at the Brotherhood of Tofu Welcoming Party.

Look again: the prize is now a stone tablet depicting the secrets of every corner of the Krosmoz.

Anything is possible when you get down and party in the World of Twelve.

I'm buried in kamas.

- - - - -

(tl;dr) Catch a ship to Amakna or step with in to your local zaap to say hi to a friend and boy, Yugo, the protagonist of the Wakfu Animated Series, then pop over to the Outpost for the Brotherhood of Tofu Welcoming Party! Games! Prizes! Favors! All are welcome!

The party starts at 6pm PST/9pm EST on Sunday, April 15th at the Outpost in Amakna!
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is this a guild sponsored event, in any fashion?

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Hello! This event will be brought to Nox players by the joint efforts of members of the current government of Amakna.

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Score : 718

Knock knock, adventurers. What's that sound?

It's the soft pattering of a dutiful courier's receding footsteps after they've brought you an update on the Brotherhood of Tofu Welcoming Party. No, it's not that "courier", so you can lower those shovels, Enutrofs.

If you are planning to attend, please make sure that you are in possession of at least one of the following costumes, (1) the Incarnam Costume (given to Incarnates upon arrival in the World) or (2) the Spektral Costume (available from the Ghostof Mansion at the Trool Fair) AND the Throw a Pie emote (obtained by scoring a win at the Trool Stocks also at the Trool Fair, 5 kamas a pop). In other words, treat yoself to a trip to the Trool Fair before this upcoming Sunday, and with any luck Ecaflip will look favorably upon you as you hurl perfectly delectable pies at that effigy of Ogrest. There's gotta be some smell comin' off that thing now, eh?

(tl;dr) Brotherhood of Tofu Welcoming Party To-Bring Checklist:
- Incarnam Costume/Spektral Costume
- Throw a pie emote
- You. You marvelous, infinitely patient thrill-seeker, you.

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a jolly one elio party!

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good party! biggrin
try to be a bit less impersonal with responding to comments next time tho  O.o 

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I can get behind this, ill attend if im able
Looks fun though, would be nice to see a peaceful event on Nox for once

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