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[NOX] Barrelhop 2018 (3v3 TOURNAMENT) [Postponed]

By Xillor-The-Shadow - MEMBER - February 07, 2018, 23:40:17
[Tournament Temporarily Postponed]




(sorry for posting this here again Flatops.. I honestly wasn't sure where to put it. Can't post in the Beta Events)

It's time yet again to breathe life into the PvP scene of Wakfu! And no, I'm not talking about Battlefields, I'm talking about some intense 3v3 tournament style action. The last tournament we held was in mid 2017 and it was massive, but we're looking to make this one even bigger. So if you're a die-hard fan of Wakfu PvP then sign yourself up!

Time: No date or time for now. The beta server is temporarily closed.

  • How To Sign Up:
  • [Since the tournament will take place on the beta server you will need a subscription to participate]
  • Do one of these three options:
    • Message me in game (Barinade on Nox)
    • Comment down below
    • Send me a message on my AnkaBox on the Wakfu website
  • In your message you should include:
    • Team Name (Optional)
    • Team Members (Classes, Levels, Names)
    • and you're all set!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in game (Barinade on Nox Server) or in the comments, and be sure to tell your friends!

  • The tournament will take place on the Beta server. Players from all servers are welcome to join.
  • Teams will consist of up to 3 players
  • No class duplicates (only one of each class per team)
  • Level 150+ required for entry
  • Heroes are allowed, however sidekicks are not allowed.
  • Consumable items are allowed
  • You may substitute one player from your team with another player (one that isn't in the tournament), but ONLY before your team's 2nd match.
  • Battles will take place in Ecaflipus, within the 9 battle arenas located there
  • The map order will be as follows: (repeats)
  1. Max Bay
  2. Lukewarm Basin
  3. Quick Jungle
  4. Garbage Peak
  5. Floating Forest
  6. Waterfall Chase
  7. White Slab
  8. Monastery Dome
  9. Holey Mine
  • All matches will be a best of one, however...
  • We will be using a Double Elimination bracket style tournament setup. This includes a winners, and losers bracket. The bracket has to change sizes based on how many teams sign up, but here's an example of a 9 Team bracket. This means every team must lose 2 times to be eliminated.
  • We're using a customized time-limit system, explained here:
  • Time Limits:
  • Round 1: 20 minutes
  • Round 2: 25 minutes
  • Round 3: 30 minutes
  • Round 4: 35 minutes
  • Round 5+: 40 minutes
  • Grand Finals: 50 minutes
    • Now how do we determine who wins at the time limit? Because of Wakfu's tank meta, it's important for us to use a time-limit system. It's difficult to come up with a complete fair system, but we've come pretty close. We use the "point system", one where every class is given a rating from 1 to 18. The rating given is determined by how much each class is capable of stalling matches. Lower points means they excel at stalling, and higher points means they stall less. At the end of the time limit, the points for each team (based on the classes they have) are totaled (based on remaining fighters) and the team with the most points left wins. More often than not the match ends way before the time limit, though, so this is just a precaution.
    • 1 =Feca
    • 2 =Sacrier
    • 3 =Eniripsa
    • 4 =Sadida
    • 5 =Pandawa
    • 6 =Masqueraider
    • 7 =Osamodas
    • 8 =Xelor
    • 9 =Foggernaut
    • 10 =Sram
    • 11 =Ecaflip
    • 12 =Ouginak
    • 13 =Eliotrope
    • 14 =Huppermage
    • 15 =Iop
    • 16 =Enutrof
    • 17 =Cra
    • 18 =Rogue
  • In game bugs and false starts:
    • If something goes wrong when you start the match, there are no do-overs. You will have to live with your mistakes. If there are any bugs that occur during combat, there's nothing we can really do since, a lot of bugs are reproducible and I'd hate for someone to abuse that to get free restarts.

See you in the arena!

(Images from a previous 3v3 tournament in 2016)
3 -1
First Ankama intervention

Hello everyone,

Where are you with this? Are you still motivated to organize such tournament? 

PS: You do not need any subscription to have access to the Beta server.

See message in context
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IMO change your time limit rule.

If match ends before time limit is up, fine.
If match ends due to time limit, the team with the most players alive wins.
If match ends due to time limit, with both sides having equal number of players alive then the team with the higher point total wins (based on remaining players).

Because as you've listed it there a feca + eni + sac team is worth 6 points total. Osa, Sram, Ecaflip are worth 7,10,11 points each.. so if they ran away and stalled (using summons to waste as much time as possible) then they'd earn an automatic win so long as one of them was alive at the end of the time limit. Which is only 20 minutes in the first round.

Yes that scenario is unlikely because well anybody who goes for a max sustain team in a tournament with this rule is making a bad decision, but still I think there's scope for a losing side to deliberately stall if they're down on players but up on points. Or maybe you could change the point system for the different classes. Points as a tiebreaker or to discourage stalling is a potentially good idea, losing teams trying for technicality wins where they somehow win on points doesn't.

Good luck anyway.


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No. Most players alive will make people build tank teams and waste our time.

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Do it on beta server..


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is there any chance to organise a beta tournament one day?
in order to allow some remington-nox inter server pvp,it could be cool

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Honestly Im thinking about moving it to the beta server. If I did that would you help me advertise it on your server?

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Xillor-The-Shadow|2018-02-09 21:54:45
Honestly Im thinking about moving it to the beta server. If I did that would you help me advertise it on your server?

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I decided to move it but unfortunately the beta server is closed for now so I postponed it until later.

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a little proposal to review how points are counted for each fighter on a given fight through what seem to me like a simple chart that base itself on 4 criteras:

if the character fight mainly through direct melee attacks:3points
if the character fight mainly with a mix of close combat and average range attacks: 2points
if the character fight mainly through direct ranged attacks: 1points
if the character fight mainly indirectly (mainly use summons,buffs,lock&meatshield,only doing the positioning):0points

if the character cannot provide any way to self heal or generate armor: 4points
if the character can only provide heals and armor generation for themselves: 2points
if the character can provide heals or armors to their teammates or any type of protection :0points

if the whole team have no revive: 5points for the team
if the whole team have only 1revive: 2points
if the whole team have more than 1revive:0points

if the character cannot provide  stat buffs to their allies (ap,mp,range,damage dealt): 2points
if the character can provide stat buff to their allies through collateral effects to their own buffs(xelor's devotion,iop's combos,ecaflip's fleas) :1 points
if the character provide buffs by directly targetting their allies:0points

another proposal: for your stream, add a lvl6 alt with 0 ini on one of the two teams (preferable the one that doesn't play first + have no sram/enutroph) because specatitngs are awfully bugged and a horrible experiences on ecaflipus fights specially

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dude I am not sitting there and counting.

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When is it being resumed?

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when the wakfu team decides to open the beta servers for a longer period than a weekend,at this rate it doesn't appear to be happening any time soon,perhaps should you organise the tournament for just nox for now xillor,and organise another on beta 

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Hello everyone,

Where are you with this? Are you still motivated to organize such tournament? 

PS: You do not need any subscription to have access to the Beta server.

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