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Any New players?

By SnugRex - MEMBER - August 27, 2017, 19:24:45

I just started the game, level 18, and I'm having a hard time finding any players to do dungeons with. Even some of the quests from the merc boards are a bit hard to do solo and there is no one at all that seems to be looking for groups to do this low level content? Is the majority of the player base all end game now with little to no new incoming players?

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This will be the best advice in wakfu if you took it:
Quit Nox right now and join Remington.

You have to choose 1 of 3 places to go:

  • to Mont Saint-Michel (Peaceful low population, meditating monks, run by few monopoly)
  • to Dublin (abundance of parties, healthy market, few violent attacks)
  • to Somalia (violent rebel groups, fraudulent currency, terrorism, probably cannibalism)
And you pick Somalia,  god damn Somalia
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Been playing on Nox since January 2015, seen most of what you describe ... except for cannibals... that I haven't seen.   We do eat bowmeows on occasion though.   tongue

Say hello if you see me  - IGN's: "Sunil Ap Nye", "Lirik Ap Nye", "Kiriel Ap Nye" etc.

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lmao, thanks for the advice, good to know. I'll end up changing over then. Why is Nox so dead?

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Eventually all the English servers will merge with/into Remington, being the predominant reason. We were given an estimate of sometime in 2018

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I am currently playing nox wouldnt mind helping ya! add me napkins

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Goofin around Nox as well, feel free to add me. Sardonic Bear

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