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[2/14/17] ♥︎ Valentine's Moon Tower Opening ♥︎

By honeycitrustea - MEMBER - February 08, 2017, 07:49:49

Hello hello everyone,

On Valentines Day (Saint Ballontwines!), I will be opening all three Moon Towers starting at 4 PM PST. Everyone is welcome to attend! Invite your friends~ Invite your guildies~ Invite your lover~ It'll be in the same format as the New Years opening, with 15 minute breaks in between each tower. Times below are PST / EST.

♥︎ Schedule ♥︎

4:00 / 7:00 - Koko Rico

5:15 / 8:15 - Gengas Kin

6:30 / 9:30 - Dandy Mos

♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎

P.S. I'm hosting a Valentines event the Saturday following Valentines Day! It'll be split into an in-game part and a forum part. For the forum part, It'll be somewhat like an art gallery. I've been asking for help from around the server, but I don't know everyone! Message me on Discord at Miya#0270 if you'd like to help~ (You can help regardless of your art skill.) You just have to draw any in-game mob or npc~
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Are you sure about the time conversion for EST?

Anyway, this sounds great, I'll definitely be there!.

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kewl event! have any guides for people like me that did them once along time ago and completely forgot the mechanics?

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Koko is Minesweeper mini game. (remove all the bomb so the boss become vunerable)

Genghis is tie a Tic Tac Toe board. (when 1 board get tie, you can damage the boss.)

Dandy is a mini game where u have to walk on dice. (the number on the dice make u move a little gobbal race. once he finished the race the mob are open to damage, when all mob are dead u can damage Pimp Dandy!)

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MethodWakfu has nice guides: click me


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mmm nice, i should be there. no lover for me!

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Hihi everyone, Miya here~
Happy Valentines Day! ^^
Here's an update on my Valentines events: I have entrusted Barinade with the tower mats, since I won't be home by the time I've scheduled the openings. Sadly, I've canceled the in-game event due to personal issues, but I will post the forum art gallery tonight.

P.S. Thank you to Barinade, Tashibi, Mina Hotaru, and Drool for helping me with the mats <3

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Hey guys o: The towers are still opening today starting at the same times as posted in the original post. What Miya meant by the "in-game event cancelled" was the event that was gonna be this weekend. See you tonight tongue

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what are these towers you are talking about? ohmy
i know this is old thread but i'm curious :')

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The moon island arch boss platforms.
That's what the towers in this thread means.

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What is the format for those who have no idea what youre talking about with the new years event?

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