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[01/14/17] Oirtsot's Auctions (Bi-Weekly Event :D )

By honeycitrustea - MEMBER - January 11, 2017, 05:35:02

Hiii everyone, Miya here,

First, I'd like to thank everyone who submitted a response to the Googleform! ^^
Second, I'd like to apologize to y'all, because this thread is very rushed. (I want to get this up before I sleep.)

I will start holding auction events every other week. This may change depending on how well frequent auction events go~

This week's auction event will be on ** Saturday, January 14th, 2017 at 5 PM PST **

Here is the auction spreedsheet. (I cleaned it up a bit!) As always, you are welcome to put stuff on the auction list before the actual auction event. Just find me in-game, or message me on Discord at Miya#0270 if I'm not online. I must be in possession of the item before it will be added to the spreadsheet.

Lastly, I want to post the auction rules/guidelines again, for people who have never been to one of my auction events before. This is all in the spreadsheet, too.

  1. Miya-Koi (me!! biggrin) will be the Auctioneer, and will auction items through public politics chat. I usually have Tashibi help me announce things too, in recruitment chat. (Sometimes Chaos helps too!)
  2. Bids will start at the Starting Bid set by the Seller. The seller may choose to not set a starting bid, which will show up as 'none' on the spreadsheet.
  3. To auction an item, please trade the item to the Auctioneer, and state a starting bid. You may auction multiple items at once.
  4. Auctions will take place in chronological order, according to the spreadsheet.
  5. Each bid must be higher than the previous bid by 10,000 kamas. Please say bids in Market chat. I will not count bids spoken in any other chat.
  6. The Buyer will be the player that bid the most.
  7. If you are the Buyer, please trade the Auctioneer with the amount of kamas you bid.
  8. [*]The Auctioneer will trade the Seller after the Auction is over to give them their kamas. If the Seller is not present at the time, please try to find the Auctioneer whenever you're online. Or message me on Discord.
    (You can also contact Tashibi in game or EarthyMadness through Ankabox if you can't find me, and he will be able to let me know.)
(insert shibi drawing)
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This is tomorrow, come sell your stuff.

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